Clonidine ought to only be offered throughout pregnancy when advantage exceeds danger.

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In adults with hypertension, unexpected cessation of treatment with immediate-release clonidine has, in many cases, caused symptoms such as nervousness, tremor, frustration, as well as anxiety come with or complied with by a swift increase in blood stress and elevated catecholamine focus in the plasma.

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Safety and also efficiency of clonidine extended-release tablet computers have actually not been researched in youngsters with ADHD less compared to 6 years of ages.

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Just before you take clonidine, inform your medical professional if you have heart disease or extreme coronary artery disease, a heart rhythm problem, sluggish heart beats, reduced blood tension, a history of heart assault or stroke, renal condition, or if you have actually ever before had an allergy to a clonidine transdermal skin spot (Catapres TTS).